About Jibran Ahmed Khan

Who is Jibran Ahmed Khan

Jibran Ahmed khan from Karachi Pakistan, Jibran is also known as Jibran SEO at search engines and you can also find out many other images on google images, Jibran Ahmed Khan started his organic seo and social media optimization career in 2008 from basic level and he worked hard to be a professional and experienced seo. After 2011 he faced to many problems during jobs till 2013. After 2013 he started his own website and start targeting Google Uk, US and Canada. He is having 16th number in top 23 Pakistan SEO Companies.

For the last 11 years he is working on various websites, First 6 years he worked as junior and senior seo in different software Houses. But after having his own website Jibranseo.com he start working as Freelance SEO services provider and he optimized many property, and cars websites, Leather jackets websites and so on.

As you can see that website optimization at google organic ranking takes time but this is not a big challenge for Jibran Ahmed Khan because he is very familiar with google organic rules and strictly he follow the seo optimization rules.