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    I do  Product 3d Modeling Rendering  Freelance 3d Modeling Rendering  Interior 3d Modeling Rendering

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I do Blender 3d Realistic Product 3d Rendering Modeling Rendering Google SketchUP Modeling Rendering Realistic Interior 3d Modeling

Hi, My name is Jibran Ahmed Khan. I do Blender and Google SketchUP 3d Modeling rendering work, I have good experience in interior and realistic product 3d modeling rendering with sun lighting, vray and enscap lighting and ies lighting effects and quality texture. I have 3 years of experience in interior and product 3d modeling experience, Also i render product by Substance Painter.

If you have something 2d floor plan or any autocad 2d drawing of any floor plan so i can convert that 2d floor plan into 3d floor plan by Blender 3d or google sketchup, I will add wall, door, windows roof and floor as per provided dimensions and will add lighting and quality textures for best of the best render result.

Full Name: Jibran Ahmed Khan

Website: www.jakkijiji.com

Whatsapp / Cell: +92 334-367-5330

Email: sourcekarachi@gmail.com

Twitter: Jibranseo

Linkedin: /jibran-khan-3a59151b


My Skills

I am professional search engine optimizer since 2007, I have good working experience in seo onpage and offpage, I have ranked my own website at google search engine by my targeted keywords, I am also freelance Pakistan based Digital Marketing Consultant for UK and 2 Canadian based Companies.

After having much experience in seo field i started learning 3d modeling by blender 3d, All i did udemy courses and also few of my senior teachers from outside Pakistan tought me. I am realy thankfull to you all my Teacher.

Blender 2.79b, Blender 2.80, Blender 2.81a, Blender 2.82a100%

Interior 3d Modeling Rendering100%

Product 3d Modeling Rendering with Lighting100%

Blender Eevee and Cycles Sketchup Enscap Rendering100%

What I Do

3d Modeling

Blender 3d

I model any interior and product by Blender 3d and Google Sketchup Software as per provided details, I have all blender version.

Quality Texture

This is very important that if i need realitic rendering result so i would have to apply high quality texture.

Realistic Lighting

Realistic lighting is very important thing, because if you want to show inside few things so it is important.

Source Files

I will Deliver you all files with rendering results by different angles and also will deliver all your source files.

Realistic Rendering

After doing Modeling Lighting this is important to show your work by rendering, I do Cycles and Eevee Rendering.

All Filing

You will be provided all your files as per your requirment and unlimited rendering and revisions, Contact Me


Blender 2.82a and Sketchup Pro 2019 Modeling Portfolio

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    Office = Karachi Pakistan

    PHONE: +92 334-367-5330

    EMAIL: sourcekarachi@gmail.com

    ADDRESS: Gulshan E Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.


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